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Why we love what we do


The philosophy of Mantis London's bone jewellery is to find beauty in death, altering it and vitalizing past life fragments.


They are designed and handmade in England. Each piece of jewellery is one-of-a-kind. No one piece can be replicated exactly. Each piece will be exclusive to you.


Mantis London designs and makes highly fashionable pieces, which are right on the current trends of the moment. Every piece is exquisitely well crafted with high quality trims and finishes.


What you might like to know


All of the bones used to create Mantis London jewellery are real. They are never imitations or casts. However no animals were killed for the purpose of becoming jewellery for Mantis London.


All bones are ethically sourced and not listed as endangered, migratory birds or any other violation of EU/US law. The skulls, claws, bones and other parts are purchased from around the world and are entirely legal to own.


They are prepared, sanitized and preserved with great care and to a high standard bringing the natural beauty of the bones alive.





The philosophy of Mantis London's footwear is to create fashionable on-trend, hand-made leather shoes, comfortable with a sexy twist.


Behind this exciting mix, lies 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing footwear ranges for top retailers in the UK and Worldwide.


These understated yet chic shoes can carry you comfortably through day, evening and play.





Add Mantis London on Facebook for previews in advance of them being listed on my website, and the opportunity for fashionistas to buy items directly before they are available to the general public.



We love creating custom pieces commissioned by fashion designers, artists and individuals. We can create capsule collections tailored to fit with entire fashion ranges, or a one-off signature piece for a special outfit or occasion. Please feel free to contact us about your personal requirements or ideas.  


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